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Portal of Paige

The Artwork of Paige MacKenzie

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the artwork of Paige MacKenzie. 


mural artwork.

"The Venusian Portal"

Mural in Minneapolis, MN

Come here.
Give me your hands -
frost-bitten and trembling,
so tired of clawing
and fighting
just to breathe.

Let me warm them for you.

I will fill your heart
so sacred tears
may well up
clear your stinging

Can you see now?

My wings are strong.

Every feather,
a gift
from the creator.

One feather for the way
I hold my head up,

One feather for the way
I bow my head,
in prayer.

I am the one
you tried to burn.

Did you know your actions
would illuminate me?

By the strength of my wings,
I rise.

Called home,
third eye sight.

Flying in power.
Resonating with peace.

I want to say this is
the resurrection
of an ancient love,

but love never died.



spoken word. 

spoken word.


Paige MacKenzie is the creatrix behind Portal of Paige. Some may say she is self-taught, but she prefers to say that she is divinely guided. Her devotional practices include meditation, yoga, and study of the nature of reality. These practices are intimately connected with her creations. Her tools of creation are diverse, including painting, spoken word, singing, energetic healing, channeled insights, and more. Painting is the medium of her soul. 


When Paige paints, each brush stroke is a prayer. Each painting is an offering. All infused with breath and gratitude. These vibrational vortexes resonate with her heart-felt desire to help uplift humanity. She wishes for her paintings to remind the viewer of their inherent divinity - here and now. Paige paints the sacred and the multidimensional. With hue and chroma she crafts, weaving light and shadow as a meditation on our inherent wholeness. 

"With only shadows, you cannot see where the light is coming from. 
With only light, you cannot see the depth.
This is true of paintings, and of our selves."
- Paige MacKenzie 


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