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An Intuitive Invitation

Here I am, living in community on a volcano in the middle of the world. Birds sing, roosters call, dogs bark, and sounds from the streets echo across the valley. The air is thin and clean; the sun is strong. Thick clouds dance, providing shade and the occasional shower. Butterflies drift and flowers sway. The trees reach tall... pine and eucalyptus, palm and flor de pondio. At the table, we gather, speaking in Spanish, English, and German. Where am I? I am living on Mount Ilalo in Ecuador, near the valley city of Tumbaco. Specifically, I am at Durga's Tiger School, learning Tantra, Yoga, Shamanism, and Art. So basically I am in heaven.


This space has been calling me. At first, subtly, and then loudly and clearly. The possibility of this timeline had been dancing in my field, but it always appeared as a vague possibility... until I woke up with a crystal clear vision and knew this is the path I want to be on. That was the first of January... 01.01.2021 (Quick numerology breakdown... 2221, a 7 vibration! fitting.) My plane left on the 9th... and here I have been... learning, living, growing.

I just completed 200 hours of Kaula Tantra Yoga. I'll be here for another 300 more.


I'll be back to tell you more... about the yoga, the tantric wisdom, the shamanistic journeys, the rituals, the love, the healing, the creation, and all the growth.

But for now, I am keeping it short and sweet.

I love you. Always, and in all ways.

XO, Paige.

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