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Customer Care

We take great care in the creation and distribution of all works of art. Portal of Paige is the creative child of Paige MacKenzie, who takes great pride in her work. Her intention is to help uplift humanity by offering her creations to the collective. Each brush stroke is done in prayer. Each painting is created with love. Each print is personally proofed and signed by Paige herself to ensure quality. The signature serves as a certificate of authenticity. 

If you would like to contact Paige, please send an email to

Privacy & Safety

We take great care to ensure your privacy and safety. All customer information is stored securely. We use a third-party banking system to verify your payment. Your information will not be used for solicitation or marketing. You may be contacted via email after purchase to verify receipt of your item, particularly if it is an original painting. However, you will not be contacted for solicitation or marketing. Your information will never be disclosed without written permission from you. If you have any questions or concerns. please contact us

Wholesale Inquiries

If you would like to purchase prints in large quantities for personal use or for distribution or sale at your business, please click here to send us an email. Include in your email the details of your desired order and intention for use. 

Payment Methods

Credit / Debit Cards



If you would like to purchase an item but are unable to afford it, please click here to send us an email and we can discuss the possibility of a payment plan with you. 

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