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A New Direction

Rumi has taught me that life itself is the lover.


I lace up my shoes, zip up my coat, and head down the stairs. The crisp winter air fills my lungs, and I sigh audibly. Hands in my pockets, heart held high, and eyes on the bluff, I point my feet for the river. As I walk, I feel each step is purposeful, gentle, and full of presence.

I feel my blood moving through my veins, as this new beginning takes seed in my being. Tuning into how this new chapter resonates within me. My body communicates with me very clearly: this is the direction that God is asking me to move in.

What direction is this? South, for a yoga immersion and teacher training, in 9 days.

So here I am. Letting it all go - the chatter which tells me what to do, worries, doubts, fears. So here I am. Embracing it all within me - courage, those silent eyes whose glance points the way. My intention is to meet myself. Learning to let go of these imagined selves, and ever-deepening this beautiful dance with my true Self. You see?


If life is the lover, then I shall rush to greet them with open arms.

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